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For many companies in the protein processing industry, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic took them into unchartered territory, with increased employee absences and localized outbreaks causing havoc for processors large and small. Here, having effective support in place to avoid unexpected downtime is of crucial importance and this is where JBT’s innovative preventative maintenance PRoCARE® program has been playing a vital role.

Unlike traditional maintenance, where problems are dealt with as they arise, the focus of the JBT PRoCARE program is on anticipating issues before they become problems by applying proactive system management that helps customers stay within budget and avoid downtime. By employing proactive, preventive maintenance, JBT PRoCARE technicians help prevent breakdowns by replacing worn parts and providing an overall picture of how equipment is performing.

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Additional support
However, recognizing the pressure customers currently face, JBT has taken a number of steps to lend support, including via a dedicated customer careline, as well expanding PRoCARE payment options, explains Brendon Somerfield, Head of PRoCARE and Customer Care in North America for JBT Protein.

“Everybody is struggling with cashflow in these times, so at the onset of the outbreak, JBT ran a promotional program which enabled customers to delay their first PRoCARE payment by about four months,” he says. “They could still get the preventative maintenance service that they need but don’t have to worry about payment for several months. This was one of the ways we were helping customers financially.” Additionally, given the pressure some companies find themselves under as a result of the pandemic, JBT has expanded parts discounts and free virtual support.

Dedicated hotline
Further support is being provided in North America through a new, dedicated Customer Care Hotline that provides customers with access to JBT’s best-in-class service technicians: 1-866-JBT-4YOU (1-866-528-4968).

Remote support in the moment of need, the hotline puts customers in contact with service technicians familiar with JBT equipment and machines, and serves as a single, easy-to-remember source for customer care. For JBT PRoCARE customers, additional support comes in form of unlimited access to the hotline.

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