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For companies starting out in the meat industry – whether that be a small butcher or boutique meat producer with a line of premium products – having efficient, cost-effective processing solutions in place is key to determining if that venture can be a success. JBT TIPPER TIE offers a range of automated and semi-automated solutions that ensure quality specifically aimed at small companies looking to grow while on a reduced budget.

Designed for smaller processors, the TIPPER TIE KDCM range of equipment – much of which will be on display at the upcoming IFFA 2022 exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, from May 14-19 – has a low upfront cost but is made to be robust and reliable on a daily basis. 

“We’ve got a whole line of equipment tailor-made for small meat processors, meat lockers, or small butchers who have a variety of different products and want to have a real hand-made, high-quality look and feel to them, especially products made with premium materials or casings,” explains JBT TIPPER TIE’s Director of Product Management, Conrad Faust.

A hallmark of TIPPER TIE solutions, the KDCM line of machines are available in budget-friendly semi-automatic or labor-saving automatic versions and are designed to run and produce day in and day out, even for multiple shifts. 

Modular solutions
One of the unique things about the KDCM family of machines, Faust continues, is its ability to adapt as a customer’s business grows. “The ‘M’ in KDCM stands for Modular because much of the KDCM family was designed in a modular fashion in such a way that if a customer didn’t order a machine with a looper or a stringer, and then needs one, it is easy to add,” he says. “If you are going to add an additional machine, it will already share a lot of parts with your existing machines.”

And as companies increase their productivity, they can smoothly transfer from a KDCM to a KDCMA. Faust says both versions share similar components and operating principles, which means that upgrades can be carried out with minimal disruption for operators. Further, once customers outgrow the KDCMA range and require more industrial pieces of equipment, TIPPER TIE can offer solutions, such as the SVF1800 which offers even more throughput and features.

Worldwide support
An additional advantage for small companies is that because TIPPER TIE is a part of JBT, it has a very strong support network and expert base already in place around the globe. “If you are buying a piece of TIPPER TIE equipment, you are also buying into the TIPPER TIE and JBT family of support, covering everything from spare parts to manufacturing. We keep customers up and running,” Faust adds.

TIPPER TIE will have a range of solutions on display at IFFA 2022 in Hall 8, Stand J90, and K90 in Frankfurt, Germany, from May 14-19, 2022.

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