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Tender and succulent on the inside, crispy on the outside – that’s the so-called “golden standard” for fried products. JBT alco’s newly-improved ECO Series fryer not only meets this standard, but also ensures even faster, more cost-efficient and more comfortable food processing, while keeping investment costs as low as possible. 

An energy-saving, high-power heat exchanger with a highly efficient heat transfer and precisely controllable oil temperature is the centerpiece of this next generation fryer, which also delivers sustainable processing, ergonomic operation and increased process reliability. Electrical heating elements, directly installed into the oil sump, are able to conduct 97-99% of the generated heat immediately into the surrounding oil. 

Moreover, control over the cooking time and oil temperature is maximized through a PLC touch panel system. This way, customers can achieve the desired look and cooking effect without losing any product weight.

Winning features
Just some of the advantages the ECO fryer offers for food producers include a new oil circulation system with variable pump speed for optimal energy transfer and uniform temperature distribution with an integrated filter sieve.

The ECO further makes use of a sophisticated safety concept with oil overheating protection and control of minimal filling levels by means of an integrated level sensor and optical warning signals. Additionally, the fryer design features an electric ceramic sectional radiator in polished stainless steel tubes for optimal heat transfer and hygiene, while a water seal ensures more efficient thermal insulation.

Still not convinced? Then come and see how the fryer performs with your products by scheduling a tailored appointment at JBT alco’s Food Technology Center in Bad Iburg, Germany. 

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