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The ability of the TIPPER TIE TTSealH to increase productivity and lower costs for companies sealing sausage meats and other products with high speed clippers will be the subject of a new JBTConnects Webinar on May 20, with customers able to find out how the system can make a noticeable difference to throughput across a range of industries.

A productivity accessory for the TIPPER TIE TT1815 or TT1512 double clippers, the TTSealH delivers key performance benefits to meat processors, as well as to chemical, confectionary, and dairy manufacturers. The precision-engineered state-of-the-art system for packaging pumpable product improves productivity and lowers packaging costs for processors seeking greater throughput beyond the capabilities of bench clippers or semi-automatic closure machines.

JBT Tipper Tie TTSealH

Key benefits
“The TTSealH is a heat-seal machine which converts flat-stock film into a sealed casing, which can then be stuffed with any pumpable product,” explains TIPPER TIE’s Conrad Faust. “The big advantage here is that instead of using a more expensive pre-shirred casing which has to be changed every 90 seconds when you are running quickly, the flat-stock film heat-seal machine will eliminate those casing changes. Instead of having to change casings every 90 seconds, you only have to change a roll of film every three or four hours, or longer depending on the product. 

“That gives you a lot more productivity and throughput during the course of the day, as well as reducing your cost because the flat-stock films can be cheaper than a pre-shirred casing and a lot less waste.”

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