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Looking for a re-chiller that performs above the industry standard without sky-high energy bills? The COOLCAT Re-Chiller could be the option you are looking for, thanks to high performance efficiency and a system that builds energy savings into its design.

One of the finest re-chillers available on the market today, the COOLCAT combines superb reliability with one of the most economical systems commercially available; a system which utilizes two hermetically sealed ammonia pumps, one for principal use and the other for back-up in case of unforeseen contingencies. 

Built-in savings
“A lot of savings have been built in to the design,” explains Dustin Huggins, JBT’s Product Manager for Chillers and Re-chillers. 

“The unit is a recirculated system and utilizes a small pump to move the refrigerant vs. hot gas injection. The refrigeration system sees a significant reduction of load with this method. The result is a pretty big savings for any plant that has the Re-Chiller installed.”

Each COOLCAT unit comes with hermetically sealed ammonia pumps for minimum energy consumption, as well as C.A.T.’s unique, patented “U” bends – manufactured using an exclusive proprietary process – which do not leak. 

As well as this, the Re-Chiller includes state-of-the-art PLC control packages as standard on each unit to regulate temperature.

Freeze protection
Using two pumps and the ammonia system, the water going through the piping is cooled to 32℉ (0℃); as close to freezing as you can get without the water solidifying, Huggins explains. However, as an extra level of assurance, the Re-Chiller features built-in freeze protection, and the machine will shut down as a safety measure if the amount of water entering the system reaches too high a pressure. Additionally, it has floating tubes which are not fixed into position which allows both for thermal expansion and gives the tubes room the breathe.

ASME rated at 250psi, each COOLCAT Re-Chiller is tested at C.A.T.’s Russellville, Arkansas factory before being shipped out to customers worldwide. Featuring stainless steel frame and stainless steel components, every model comes completely pre-piped including all refrigerant valves, pre-wired, and pre-insulated, with all necessary isolation valves and pressure gauges included.

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