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JBT alco has announced plans to make a sustainable difference this holiday season by replacing its traditional Christmas cards sent to customers across German-speaking countries with an equivalent donation to Wilderness International, an organization dedicated to protecting rainforests worldwide.

Germany-based alco, which became part of JBT in 2022, has traditionally sent Christmas cards to customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with a cost estimated at between €1,000 and €1,500. However, sometimes cards are returned because addresses have changed or they only arrive until after the holidays.

This year, JBT alco wanted to take a different approach. Instead of investing thousands of euros in cards that often end up going to waste, alco has decided to invest the money wisely. 

After a lot of research, the company had elected to support Wilderness International. With every euro donated, Wilderness International protects 1m² of rainforest, including its flora and fauna.

Inspiring sustainability

Ulrika Kullenberg, managing director of JBT Alco-Food-Machines and Schröder, said: “This year, we decided not to send traditional Christmas cards to our customers and partners around the world, but instead donate to Wilderness International. They work locally as well as internationally, just as we do. Their drive and enthusiasm for nature inspires us as we work to increase sustainability in food production.

“Using the money that we would have normally spent on Christmas cards for a donation is sustainable at many levels if you think about it. Transportation is involved in the distribution of the cards and they make for a lot of waste, which is rarely recycled.

“Did you know that: according to Business Leader: “We send enough Christmas cards that if we placed them alongside each other, they’d cover the world’s circumference 500 times”.”

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