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600 kg ready-to-roast chicken wings in 15 minutes!

Forget about your tumbler and use a MAX 600.

All you need are two simple steps:

1. Brine injection
2. 15 minutes of massaging

The result: perfectly marinated chicken wings ready for roasting. And every 15 minutes, you can have another batch! Even with drumsticks.

The JBT Schröder IMAX injector ensures the highest brine distribution and injection accuracy for a uniform product, even with challenging components in the brine. Our anti-sedimentation system ensures that everything stays in suspension, guaranteeing that every component is incorporated into the product and preventing fluctuations in the final output.

The MAX massagers are the top choice for an easy and quick marination process with easy loading facilitated through Schröder’s vacuum suction system. With patented massage technology, the MAX guarantees the shortest processing times and highest quality.

Within this setup, you’ll find a combination of:

  • An injector IMAX 420 with our brine filtering system FT 200
  • A brine tank BRIMAX 600
  • A massager MAX 600 with automated product loading via vacuum.

Now it’s up to you to experience it for yourself! Feel free to reach out for a practical test run at SCHRÖDER and/or your location!