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JBT is celebrating bringing 2023 to a close following a hugely successful 12 months in the EMEA region. The period witnessed the introduction of a number of new technologies – including the Stein TwinDrum PRoYIELD™ Spiral Oven, the DSI 812 Compact Waterjet Portioner and the Innospexion Bone Detection System.

Furthermore, the seamless integration of alco’s distinctive solutions into JBT’s global product portfolio underscored the company’s commitment to delivering best-in-class, highly flexible and innovative solutions that drive customer excellence.  

During 2023, JBT´s innovative technology and solutions have kept the company at the forefront of the food industry. These solutions include the launch of the TwinDrum PRoYIELD – a breakthrough in spiral oven cooking, yield and quality – and the introduction of the new, compact and intelligent JBT DSI 812 Waterjet Portioner, providing a 25% boost in yield and maximized product utilization.

The arrival of Innospexion has brought a groundbreaking X-ray Bone Detection System that offers the perfect solution for processors who want better accuracy, efficiency and higher throughput, while the debut of the Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT 70 (GC70) with added Sequential Defrost added significant continuous running time to the market-leading spiral freezer.

2023 has truly been a year of innovations for JBT Protein.

It has also been a 12 months in which alco’s high-performing solutions have made a real impact across the food industry, while JBT Schröder has continued to deliver winning injection and marination systems that maximize resources while preserving natural product flavor and appearance.

Sustainability goals

Helping customers improve their sustainability performance has been a key goal for JBT Protein during 2023 and one that Anders Lassing, President of JBT Protein for the EMEA region, believes will increase in importance over the 12 months ahead. 

“At JBT, we’re dedicated to empowering our customers with innovative technologies that drive more sustainable food production. Together, we can help you create even better, safer, and more sustainable products. Products that boost your business and profit,” he says.

The drive for more sustainable solutions has also been a central objective for JBT sites across Europe. At JBT’s Production Excellence Site and Food Technology Center in Livingston, UK, the focus is on delivering world-class products and more sustainable solutions that help customers sharpen their competitive edge.

“Livingston’s core competencies lie within our ability to design, manufacture, and produce custom-built equipment,” says Production Manager Michael Wallace. “We do this by utilizing our expertise in lasering, machining, folding, welding, and manufacturing, which we have developed and improved over the last 45 years.”

A similar picture has emerged at Lamek, Sweden which specializes in manufacturing the essential components of JBT Frigoscandia Spiral Freezers, including the unique and patented self-stacking belt and drive systems.

“In 2024, we are committed to further reducing energy consumption and minimizing the environmental footprint in our facilities,” says Jörgen Andersson, Production Manager at Lamek. “My wish for our customers is that by delivering exceptional quality, unmatched performance, and unwavering reliability, we will help them excel even further.”

Revolutionizing flavor and yield

Ulrika Kullenberg, General Manager at alco/Schröder, continues: “We think it’s quite cool to see how well the market and the JBT family have received the alco equipment. Together, we offer a solid further processing line that matches every need and can support our customers with high-quality equipment and competitive solutions. We are absolutely stronger together.

“With the support from our food technologists, we can help our customers develop their processes and efficiently produce a good-looking, good-tasting product. 

“We are excited about the new year, and my wish for all of our customers is that even more of them turn to us with their visions so we can work closely together to achieve their targets.”

At Schröder, which specializes in curing, injection, and marination technology, Site Leader Nils Kuhtz says the company will continue to focus on providing machine solutions and concepts that meet customers’ most unconventional demands and goals. 

“Together with them, we develop technologies revolutionizing how we enhance the flavor, tenderness, yield, and overall quality of various meat, poultry, fish, and plant-based products,” he says. “My wish for 2024 is that our innovations will support our customers’ new trends and needs and that we further strengthen our support and partnership to help them grow their business.”

The year ahead

As the year nears to a close, Lassing expressed his gratitude to customers for their trust and acknowledged the shared success stories that will continue to motivate JBT as we move into 2024. “May our food processing technologies not only enhance your business success but also improve your sustainability performance,” he said.

JBT’s commitment to responsiveness, partnership, and innovative solutions, Lassing added, is reaffirmed as we look forward to evolving together in 2024 and beyond.