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LVS, the JBT Frigoscandia® Refrigeration System, is a technology that has revolutionised the way modern industrial freezers function in more ways than one. Developed to make freezer and refrigeration unit combinations more efficient and effective, LVS – or Low Volume System to give the system its full name – has proven so successful since its initial introduction that it is now standard in over half of all Frigoscandia freezers. There are over 1,500 LVS systems installed globally in Frigoscandia freezers.

The reason is simple. LVS, which is available with optional LVS Quick Dry, delivers low energy consumption and optimum freezer performance by providing a dry return from the freezer’s evaporator, eliminating the need for a refrigerant pump in the process. But this is not just an idle boast.  Frigoscandia LVS Refrigeration™ is up to 20% more efficient than traditional pumped refrigerant systems achieving pressure drops of between 0.5 and 1°C, where traditional systems often have pressure drops of 3 – 5°C as measured between the temperatures in the refrigeration compressor and in the freezer.

jbt lvs quickdry

Substantial savings
Crucially, the lower pressure drop makes it easier for LVS to operate at lower temperatures than other systems, and the LVS system makes the system react quicker reaching operating temperature in only 20-30 minutes.

The refrigeration technology also requires 50% less refrigerant charge than traditional systems due that the freezer evaporators can never be fully flooded with refrigerant being regulated by the LVS system and a completely dry return to the compressor that also minimizes the amount of refrigerant needed.

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“LVS was developed to make the freezer more efficient for the customer by reducing the amount of refrigerant – typically ammonia – by half, and by minimizing the pressure drop in the system due to the dry return of refrigerant to the compressor,” explains Torbjörn Persson, JBT’s Director of Value Stream & Global Product Line for Spiral Freezers. 

The system works by separating liquid refrigerant from the gas and regulate the amount, he continues, and saving a lot of energy in the process. “We separate the liquid from the vapour and only bring the vapour back,” adds Persson. “This means the system is far less energy demanding and far more efficient for the customer.”

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