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JBT Frigoscandia Advantec M freezer_salmon

As nutrition options have been improving across Asia in recent years, so food processors have been seeking efficient means of delivering safe protein products across borders. JBT’s latest product innovation to support this development is the JBT ADVANTEC M Modular Impingement Freezer. This technology more efficiently uses flash freezing to quickly freeze vegetables, seafood and other products.   

Maintaining freshness
“We are fortunate to be in a world where improving nutritional options are available to a wider segment of the global population,” says JBT Asia Pacific President, Marshall Coleman. “This isn’t truer than in Asia where frozen product supply chains are allowing farmers, growers, fisherman and other producers to extend the reach of high quality foods to broader elements of the population.”

Watch how salmon is frozen using the JBT ADVANTEC system

“The JBT product innovation team,” he continues, “is supporting these developments with new technology well-suited for a variety of applications. The latest development – the ADVANTEC Modular freezer – employs flash freezing as the most efficient way of delivering those products to market.” 

Improved elements
“The ADVANTEC M gives customers in the frozen vegetable and seafood markets an economical way to quickly seal in the freshness of a product before packaging,” adds Coleman. 

“Our team has improved elements of frost management, hygienic design, product height variability and unit maintenance while maintaining an economical cost. Please reach out to our commercial team and we will help you determine if the ADVANTEC M is a good fit for your business.”

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