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Are you tired of downtime halting your food production line? It’s time to say goodbye to that headache! Thanks to advancements in freezing technology, you can keep production lines running longer, resulting in maximized production throughput and boosted profitability.

Let’s take a closer look at how JBT is revolutionizing the game. Traditionally, freezers require frequent defrosting as snow builds up in the evaporator when the freezer runs, which slows down the production line and hinder efficiency. However, JBT’s freezing innovations ADF (Air Defroster) and Sequential Defrost (SD) systems tackle this issue head-on by offering built-in features for removing snow and frost from evaporator during operation, allowing the freezer to run for longer periods without defrosting.

These innovative features can be built into the Frigoscandia Freezers; FLoFREEZE® IQF  and GYRoCOMPACT® and can extend the period between defrosts by up to a week. That means you can run your freezer production 24/7. 

Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® M10 Spiral Freezer Sequential Defrost in production

Innovations to extend production time
Fewer defrosts means a considerably longer continuous running time, while the actual time required for cleaning is also typically shorter, thanks to the unique, open hygiene-by-design of both the GYRoCOMPACT and the FLoFREEZE. 

One of the freezing technologies developed almost a quarter-century ago that remains an efficient option is the Air Defroster (ADF) technology. ADF technology sends a quick blast of pressurized air into the evaporator to blow off snow and remove frost, effectively doubling or tripling run times. 

For producers who need even greater run times than provided by ADF, JBT offers freezers with Sequential Defrost (SD) Systems. These freezers feature separate chambers that each have their own dedicated fan and evaporator.

This enables the freezer to have spare capacity available at all times, so that one evaporator and fan can be shut down to defrost while the other chambers continue to operate. “When you freeze a product, you have some dehydration which sticks on the heat exchangers resulting in snow build-up; this creates a barrier which causes a decrease in capacity,” explains JBT’s Area Sales Manager, Philippe Barillet.

“With the Sequential Defrost, the evaporators inside the machine runs the defrosting process in sequence without stopping. We can get up to eight evaporators inside a machine resulting in seven days continuous running.” As a result of the innovative design of the Sequential Defrost feature, Barillet says customers are able to increase volumes and throughput by limiting stops for defrosting and cleaning. 

Furthermore, by reducing the effects of frost on the evaporator, producers can even run their freezers at a lower temperature than before without suffering from excess frost build-up. This quicker freezing process results in a fresher, higher quality and better-tasting final product. 

Say goodbye to downtime and hello to increased efficiency and profitability with JBT’s innovative freezing technology.

Environmentally friendly solution
But Sequential Defrost is much more than just a way to limit downtime; it can also help you become more sustainable and save money. The other main advantages of the Sequential Defrost is that it leads to lower water usage.

Traditional freezers need to go through the defrosting and re-freezing process more frequently, which requires a lot of water. But with Sequential Defrost, you can run the freezer continuously for several days in a row, resulting in far less water usage. This not only saves money but also helps you become more environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a way to increase your freezer productivity while saving money and becoming more sustainable, JBT Frigoscandia’s ADF & Sequential Defrost features are the solutions you need. Plus, you’ll benefit from lower water usage, longer running time, and easier cleaning. 

News! Our most recent freezer member, the GYRoCOMPACT 70 (GC70) Spiral Freezer (pictured above), is now available with Sequential Defrost. By incorporating this option into the GC70, customers can enjoy not only prolonged running time but also a 25% capacity upgrade without compromising footprint when compared to its predecessor. 

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