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The JBT TIPPER TIE TN2004 is poised to lead a small revolution in the bone-in ham industry. For companies that net spiral and portion hams, country hams, and even bone in loins, the TN2004 can deliver significant savings on productive time, utility costs and maintenance, thanks to a redesign of TIPPER TIE’s automated netting system for bone-in hams and loins.

More than simply an update of the previous model, the TN2004 has reworked and modernized the ham netting solution, the replacement of the TN2002’s pneumatic pusher with a servo- powered pusher – a proven, patented TIPPER TIE solution first developed on the TN4001 whole muscle netting machine – allows the netter to function at higher speeds and provides operators with far greater control over the process, while eliminating a significant user of compressed air.

Netting savings

Perfect for spiral-sliced hams, country hams, bone-in ham, or even loins that need to be netted, the TN2004 takes the automated netting of bone-in hams and loins to a new level, and includes some distinct advantages compared to the machine’s predecessors. 

Whereas the earlier TN2002 was a pneumatic heavy solution, the TN2004 has a far lower need for compressed air thanks to the servo powered pusher and the electric conveyor motor, both of which improve reliability and enhance product control all while saving on utility costs. The new system reduces air usage by as much as 80% vs the predecessor while outperforming it. Says Conrad Faust, Director of Product Management at JBT TIPPER TIE.

However, the advantages of the TN2004 don’t end there. 

Maximizing productivity

The TN2004 also features an innovative new, automatic chute change system: The Quick-Change Chute magazine. This system enables processors to achieve speedy netting chute changeovers, maximizing the productive time of the machine in the process. “Without this automatic change-over system, companies can lose minutes at a time during a chute change, especially if they were not prepared ahead of time and anticipated the need for the change.” says Faust.

“With the new Quick-Change Chute magazine, full netting chutes can be added to the machine and empty chutes removed without halting production – a key differentiator for the new TN2004. The machine will then index to the next available full chute of netting only halting production for,” Faust adds. “It will eliminate one of the only sources of regular unproductive time associated with the Automatic Netter.”

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