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For small to medium sized processors, there are several key considerations when it comes to choosing a solution: one is time, another is money and a third is whether the solution gives you the ability to scale up. JBT Tipper Tie‘s dedicated, semi-automatic and automatic clippers, and vacuum packing systems are designed to help get processors over initial hurdles and ready them for future volume growth.

Tipper Tie’s range of models fit a variety of budgets, from the semi-automatic DCM and KDCM to the fully-automatic KDCMA, as well as solutions designed for specific segments, such as the KDCR for ring-sausage processors.

“Tipper Tie has a full range of table clippers – single and double – for almost any application imaginable,” says Conrad Faust, Director of Product Management at TIPPER TIE. “But as a small processor moves from hand typing to clipping into something more automatic, and they need more productivity, that’s where the KDCM and even more so the KDCMA really start to make a lot of sense.

“There’s significant savings going from pre-clipped piece goods or individual bags to a shirred casing, which allows you to create a chub and close the end of one sausage after you made the last one.”

Instead of the slow, laborious process of filling and clipping one sausage manually at a time, the KDCM and KDCMA allow for continuous production where as soon as one sausage is clipped, the next in line is already filling automatically. 

“This enables processors to move from a few pieces a minute, all the way up to 25-30 with the KDCMA where you’re really starting to produce a lot of sausage with the same personnel and – generally speaking – a lot less work,” says Faust.

Productivity gains

Processors, he explains, have traditionally started out making sausage at small scale, hand tying. Adding the table clipper is the first productivity improvement, followed by switching to a double clipper and using shirred casings. Making these investments, explains Faust, can lead to some tangible productivity gains for producers. 

Most small processors have a lot of variety in both products and casings (natural and synthetic), and here again the KDCM line has been designed to meet their needs. “A lot of smaller processors tend to be in a more premium niche because big, mass-market companies have taken over the low-cost segments,” says Faust. “These premium products often use natural casings and the KDCM and KDCMA really excel at handling these.”

All New Vacuum packing solutions

The brand new TTVAC-V and TTVac-H are Tipper Tie’s newest Clipper VACs: self-contained units with a vacuum pump, a vacuum nozzle and a clipper, whether the product is oriented horizontally or vertically there is a TTVac to fit your application. With a number of options like modified atmosphere injection, and roller trays TTVac are capable of fitting every need. “This is another great machine for commissaries, or smaller producers that are vacuum packing products, everything from Soups and salads to sausages, cheese, even poultry pieces or different products all in one bag,” says Faust. 

“It’s a real versatile machine with a lot of different applications and an accessible way of getting into vacuum packing products to improve shelf-life, without the hassle and ongoing expense of a large chamber machine.”