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How can customers take advantage of the innovative, two-tier cooking offered by JBT Stein’s TwinDrum Spiral Oven without having to invest in large-scale heating solutions? The answer is the new electric TwinDrum, a solution which allows customers to plug directly into the grid and forego oil and gas-heated alternatives.

The TwinDrum Spiral Oven is the latest spiral oven cooking technology from JBT and builds on decades of oven engineering, it adds a uniform temperature and excellent roasting capabilities via an efficient two-zone spiral system. The TwinDrum spiral oven enables processors to increase the processing yield over existing ovens and the oven’s design enables consistent cooking of food items by uniformly distributing the hot air flow across all tiers.

“Through the electric TwinDrum, we are offering a new way to heat,” explains Stefan Paulsson, JBT’s Director of Value Stream & Global Product Line for Cooking & Linear Freezers. “We come in contact with a lot of new food producers in the world wanting to cook and fry alternative proteins, but often, for these small scale start-up producers, investing in a thermal fluid system can be quite expensive. Having an electrically-heated fryer and oven is a good and more affordable alternative for this group.”

Double savings
Until now, the TwinDrum was heated by an oil-based thermal fluid system that made use of either natural gas or electricity to heat air inside the oven. With the electric TwinDrum, Paulsson continues, customers are able to save twice: by having one single rather than two heat transformations, and by not having to invest in a separate boiler and piping. “Instead of having to pay for a thermal heating system, you just have cables that go directly into the machine,” he says.

“The electric heater is fixed in the machine, so it can be easily accessed for cleaning and maintenance, while having fixed wiring means better reliability. Electric heating also gives processors the ability to use renewable sources of energy that could help them to achieve their environmental goals or commitments.”

Temperature controls 
Additional features available with the electric TwinDrum include proportional control for the heating elements to achieve more accurate temperature control, plus built-in connectivity with JBT’s own IoT (Internet of Things) platform iOPS, which enables the monitoring of temperature fluctuations and energy consumption across systems, meaning areas where energy savings can be made can be easily identified.

The Stein TwinDrum adds to a growing range of electrically-heated cooking solutions from JBT, including fryers, Double D Revoband ovens and the Formcook Contact Cooker. “The TwinDrum offers all the benefits of a thermal fluid-heated system: it looks the same, it’s just electrically-heated,” Paulsson adds.

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