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Looking for a waterjet portioner for your poultry processing business, but not yet really to invest in large-scale industrial machinery? The new DSI 812 from JBT is an economically-priced version of the innovative DSI waterjet portioning range developed for smaller processors, which takes up 70% less floorspace than the existing DSI 822.

Ideal for poultry portioning or fat trimming, the DSI 812 incorporates the best features of DSI waterjet portioners in a more compact version. Developed in response to customer requests, the 812 is perfectly suited for poultry processors who don’t have the floorspace for a 40ft-long machine or the budget for a much larger piece of equipment.

“We’ve taken a look at what’s worked on our flagship line and incorporated as many aspects of that as we could in this compact portioner,” explains JBT DSI Product Manager, Alec Hewitt. “It’s a XY waterjet cutter, very similar to our 800 series, we’ve just used a different gantry design, upgraded electronics, and enclosure to make it as small a footprint as we possibly can.”


Built-in benefits
The 812 will also enable smaller processors to benefit from the Quantum Electric Servo Pump, which is marketed exclusively by JBT and forms part of the new portioner. Mounted on-board the portioner, the Electric Servo Pump requires up to 40% less energy than a hydraulic system, enabling customers to benefit from what Hewitt calls, “a significant leap-forward when it comes to technology for high-pressure intensifier pumps”.

In addition to the low operating costs, DSI’s optional Jet Blocker technology can deliver as much as a 30% increase in throughput. 

“Say you are cutting from point A to point B and there’s something in the middle that you don’t want to cut, with Jet Blockers you can go right up to that area and then the water stream is blocked,” says Hewitt. “Once it is past the area, the cutting will continue going. With portions, strips or nuggets, this level of accuracy can amount to substantially more throughput.”

How it works
Detailing the workings of the system, Hewitt explains that poultry going into the system passes through a DSI J-Scan, which creates a precise height map. This data is fed into JBT DSI’s proprietary Q-Link portioning software, which analyses the height map and generates a cut strategy depending on whatever the customer wants. The resulting XY and timing information is then sent to the cutters. “We have sub-milimeter accuracy down to a few grams, so we not only have high capacity, reliable equipment, but also equipment that is extremely precise,” adds Hewitt.

“DSI’s waterjet system is specifically designed for portioning and our team has made sure that the software is as streamlined and capable as possible. And as part of the installation package, we typically send an application engineer along with the service tech to provide training and help the customer set up the machine with all of their required cut strategies.”

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JBT will be highlighting DSI technologies at IPPE 2023, which takes place at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA from January 24-26, 2023.