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JBT’s Stein XL Series Breading Applicator, for decades the breader of choice for fast food chain suppliers across the world, is now available in a new, electric version with the launch of the Stein XLe Breader. Developed in response to customer demand, the XLe features all the capabilities of the hydraulic version, but with more efficient electric motors.

Originally introduced back in the 1980’s as a high-production, fully convertible breading applicator, the XL earned its reputation on some of the most difficult coatings and high volume production lines around the globe. Its design and heavy duty construction is so reliable that it has been widely copied throughout the industry.  

“Our customers have been asking for an electric powered XL Breader for quite some time and we’re happy to announce we’ve finally developed the electric version,” says JBT product manager Jake Deehr. “The XL’s hydraulic motors with flow control valves have all been converted over to more efficient, washdown, SS electric motors with VFD’s.”

Deehr says customers who currently use JBT Stein’s XL breading technology and are upgrading existing hydraulic lines to electric can utilize the XLe Breader without needing to further train line operators and sanitation on new equipment technology.

“The XLe will handle all coating materials – flour, free-flow, and Japanese-style crumb, and can be used as a pre-duster or final breader,” he continues.

In addition to the XLe, JBT has recently introduced a new design for the Stein Heritage Super Duty Breader (SHB-SD). Available in electric or hydraulic versions, the SHB-SD features an updated open-profile frame, as well as more convenient caster adjustments that can be opened up quickly for sanitation. “Flour and free-flow material can be run and it has the same pickup as the XL,” explains Deehr. “This machine can also be used as a pre-duster and a final breader.”

Further, JBT has recently launched an an upgraded TFF-IV 2415 fryer with stainless steel IP69K motors, stainless steel conduit and PacTitan belts on the top submerger and main belt.

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JBT is highlighting DSI technologies at IPPE 2023, which takes place at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA until January 26, 2023.