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Aiming to achieve more efficient brine injection for your fish processing business? The BRIMAX system and IMAX injectors from JBT Schröder, specialists in salting and marination technologies, help eliminate errors from the injection process while at the same time offering labor savings and keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

When fish is injected, it is of paramount importance that brine and salt is distributed evenly throughout the product. It is at the beginning of this process that Schröder technology steps in: when the brine is made and ready to be applied to products.

Schröder has been in the business of developing technology for salting and marinating for more than 50 years. As a part of JBT, Schröder specializes in injection, and in recent years scientific research has been added to the company’s long-standing experience in the field.

A successful cooperation with Germany’s Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences has helped develop Schröder’s injection technologies further, with the resulting injectors setting new standards in precision, hygiene, design and filtering.

Accurate measuring and temperature control
So how exactly can Schröder solutions make a difference to your brine operation? One way is via Schröder’s BRIMAX system, which enables operators to control the brine production process every step of the way. 

Functions such as mixing, cooling and cleaning can be controlled from a single touch panel, meaning that measuring additives and temperature control remain consistent from batch to batch. The result is a standardized quality of brine at all times during the injection process.

Schöder technicians can also provide special pump configurations for difficult-to-dissolve ingredients.

Gentle Product Handling
But while mixing the brine is a first step, the injection process can also pose a challenge for processors due to the delicate nature of fish products. As caution is required during brine injection, Schröder IMAX injectors work with a precise injection program and low pressure to handle the product with care. 

Although IMAX injectors can handle high capacities, the use of extremely fine needles ensures an optimum stability-function so the structure of the fish fillet is not damaged. The innovative needle design also means the risk of bent needles is avoided. 

Thanks to the gentle injection process, IMAX injectors are suitable for a wide range of fish applications, including salmon, halibut, catfish, tilapia or cod.

Trouble-free production
IMAX Injectors guarantee a steady high yield, while a five-level filtering system ensures a trouble-free production process without downtime. Brine temperature can also be kept at a constant level throughout the process thanks to a tube-in-tube heat exchanger.

Further, IMAX injectors work with an easy-to-operate automatic cleaning program, which keeps cleaning times down so that production can be resumed as quickly as possible.

IMAX injectors ensure uniform salt and ingredient distribution in fish fillets, especially in salmon fillets, regardless of how thick, thin, light or heavy they are. Depending on the requirements even whole fish can be processed. 

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