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Seeking homogenous, energy-efficient solutions for proofing, cooling and freezing bread-based products? JBT ALCO Spiral Freezing & Proofing Systems offer effective, continuous solutions for consistent proofing, cooling and frosting of pizza dough that ensure gentle handling and preserve product integrity during the process.

Designed for rapid, Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) and chilling, the alco Spiral Freezer ASK is a compact, high-quality system, which is simple to operate, clean and maintain. 

The freezer uses a very efficient and quick freezing process to ensure product weight loss is kept to a minimum, while its horizontal airflow is designed for equal and gentle freezing across the belt width and on each single tier. 

Likewise, the alco Spiral Proofer ASG delivers consistent, gentle and speedy processing of products from pizza dough and yeast-based pastries to bread sticks, thanks to targeted air supply and an adjustable temperature control.

As well as fermenting products evenly and gently, the Spiral Proofer minimizes energy consumption by keeping the temperature and humidity at a constant level during the fermentation process. The system’s quick, uniform heating also guarantees minimal weight loss and first-class structure preservation. 

Hygiene is a key feature of the proofer, with a built-in, automatic, continuous belt washing system in combination with Clean In Place (CIP) nozzles in the interior ensuring perfect cleaning. The machine’s food-safe credentials are reinforced by its stainless steel and food-approved plastic construction.

Efficiency benefits
So what are the main benefits of incorporating spiral technology into proofing and freezing solutions? JBT’s alco Spiral Systems Specialist and Sales Manager, Marco Alteweier, sums them up as a “100% continuous, ongoing system” combined with the industry’s “most homogeneous way for proofing, cooling and frosting all products the same way”.

The benefits, Alteweier continues, are complemented by the machinery’s compact construction and footprint, alongside flexible designs and setup possibilities adapted to meet customer specifications. “We always design our systems according to customer specifications, so each single system is different,” he explains. “Different dough types require different conditions and solutions, and we can deliver each of these perfectly in close contact with the customer.”

Reduced energy consumption is also a key feature of the systems, thanks to highly efficient drives that can be adjusted to each process, enhanced heat exchanger surfaces, and the continuous monitoring and optimization of energy consumption levels. 

A further benefit offered by the alco systems is recipe management via PLC control touch panels. “Through the control panel, we can ensure an ideal temperature, moisture, air speed and running time inside the machine for each individual product,” Alteweier continues. “Recipes can be saved and applied over and over again for the same product quality over a long period of time. Controlling these factors can also be done remotely using our wireless network.”

Keeping internal factors in balance, including temperature and moisture, is also vital for the efficiency of any proofing or freezing system. The alco Spiral Proofer and Spiral Freezer maintain stability through built-in self-monitoring systems. “If one parameter drops below or exceeds the given parameter range due to high fluctuations during production, the system immediately reacts to these changes and keeps everything in balance,” Alteweier adds.

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