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Today’s small and medium sized meat processors face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining a profitable, ongoing business from high utility costs to the need to become more efficient on a budget. JBT Tipper Tie and DSI will be showcasing solutions that give companies greater flexibility and versatility, while keeping costs under control.

Taking place from July 13-15, 2023 in Charleston SC, AAMP 2023 caters to mid-sized and smaller meat and poultry processors, packers, delis and retailers, including meat lockers, butchers, country markets and other; family-run operations. 

Among the solutions being showcased by JBT at this edition of AAMP are the Tipper Tie KDCMA, a modular, fully automatic, user-friendly clipper with interchangeable components that can be easily optimized for the required application. “This is ideal for small-to-mid sized companies using natural or manmade casings and ideal for products such as summer sausage, smoked sausages and ground products,” says Tipper Tie’s Conrad Faust.

Also on display from Tipper Tie is the TTVac-H, a new, horizontal clipper vac. First showcased at IPPE 2023, the TTVac-H features a built-in vacuum pump, vacuum nozzle and clipper that will vacuumize and clip-seal your product. “It’s a nice, versatile machine with a small footprint,” says Faust.

Versatile solutions

For Conrad Faust, Tipper Tie’s solutions are ideally-suited for companies specializing in artisan products with less volume and more variety. 

“These are very versatile machines that cater to small and midsized processors needs – they can run a variety of different products in a variety of different ranges – and come with a relatively low upfront cost,” he explains. “It’s easy to justify even if they are only being used a few days a week rather than all day, day-in and day-out.”

Compact portioning

Also catering to the needs of smaller processors, JBT DSI will be showcasing the DSI 812 Compact Portioning System, a high-accuracy, energy efficient waterjet portioner that – at under 2.5m (8.2ft) long – can fit into even the smallest spaces. Equally effective in handling chicken, pork or beef, the 812 combines all the features of larger DSI portioning systems over a smaller amount of floorspace and at a more accessible cost. The space-saving features of the system include an onboard, JBT-exclusive electric servo pump,

“The 812 has the throughput to match smaller processors’ capacity requirements, as well as being more cost-efficient and compact for smaller spaces,” says Tricia Harlan, JBT DSI Meat Scientist and Applications Engineer. “We want to help small companies grow and that’s what the 812 is capable of doing.”

As a solution, Harlan says the 812 allows processors to make a variety of cuts, giving them more options and greater flexibility when it comes to meeting customer requirements. “The 812 gives you more flexibility in terms of what products you are able to provide, while also ensuring improved yield and decreased manual labor requirements,” she adds.

JBT Tipper Tie and DSI will be exhibiting at AAMP 2023 at Booth 701 in the Charleston Area Convention Center, Charleston SC from July 13-15, 2023.