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From whole hams and turkeys to deli specialities such as salami and mortadella, JBT Tipper Tie equipment offers huge possibilities to producers and processors for the cost-effective, energy-efficient, sustainable bagging and netting of products for grocery retail and foodservice alike.

Long-established in Europe, Tipper Tie solutions are now making gains in the North American market. This effort is being spearheaded by JBT’s Tipper Tie’s new Director of Sales for the Americas, Jason McIntyre, a food industry professional with a background in designing some of the most innovative systems currently available from JBT.

Making an impact

JBT Tipper Tie’s Jason McIntyre

Jason’s connections with JBT go back to the very beginnings of his career. A graduate of a Bioengineering program sponsored by JBT at Michigan State University, he was approached by the company after impressing with his senior design project, and went on to join JBT as a application engineer for DSI, specifically working on the development of the hugely successful DSI Waterjet Portioner. 

Following this, Jason become a Technical Sales Manager for DSI before taking on responsibility for the entire Protein portfolio for the North Eastern United States for the next nine years. 

Now, some 13 years after he first began his career with JBT, Jason has take on the role of Director of Sales for JBT’s Tipper Tie brand, covering the entirety of the Americas, from Canada to Chile and Argentina. 

But why are Tipper Tie’s solutions of increasing relevance to customers in the Americas?

Ideally poised

Helping spread awareness of Tipper Tie innovations across the continent, Jason believes the company’s solutions are strongly placed to meet demand for deli hams and sausages given the growth in the sector worldwide. According to Allied Market Research, the global deli meat market size in forecast to reach $27,405.4 million in value by 2030 with an annual CAGR of 4.8%.

The TN3004, an automated clipped netting system for turkeys, hams and sausages which replaces the previous TN3000 series, is one such solution. The system, which adds a handle and price tag to each netted product, sets the bar for performance and dependability. 

With improved programming to eliminate waste, the TN3004 provides increased output without just running the machine faster and wearing parts out sooner.

Another innovation of interest is the soon-to-be-launched Tipper Tie TN2004. Developed for netting spiral and portion hams, country hams, and even bone in loins, the TN2004 can deliver significant savings on productive time, utility costs and maintenance, thanks to a redesign of the automated netting system.

With a replacement of the previous TN2002’s pneumatic pusher with a servo-powered pusher, the TN2004 is able to not only function at higher speeds, but enable customers to save on utility bills by reducing compressed air usage by as much as 80%.

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