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Preserving seafood freshness and quality has long posed a challenge. JBT’s High Pressure Processing (HPP) solutions – a paradigm shift in seafood preservation that will be showcased at the highly anticipated Foodtech Packtech 2023 exhibition – offer state-of-the-art HPP technology that utilizes high pressure to extend seafood shelf life while maintaining its authentic flavor, texture, and nutritional value.

By subjecting seafood to elevated pressure, harmful pathogens are neutralized, resulting in a product that guarantees safety while retaining its natural goodness. Whether you are involved in seafood processing or simply a seafood enthusiast, JBT’s HPP solution is poised to redefine the seafood experience.

As a pioneering figure in the food technology sector, JBT is committed to providing top-tier solutions that redefine industry standards. With a focus on enhancing the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of food production, we’re gearing up to showcase our groundbreaking technologies at Foodtech Packtech 2023. From September 19th to 21st, 2023, our innovative solutions will take center stage at Booth 3131, Auckland Showgrounds in New Zealand.

Innovations in Freezing & Chilling

However, JBT innovations are not just limited to seafood. Bakery is another area where JBT’s revolutionary Freezing & Chilling technologies can make a difference. Our advanced Freezing and Chilling Solutions are designed to preserve the taste and texture of bakery products while ensuring optimal freshness.

With precise temperature control and innovative airflow management, our Freezer solution extends the shelf life of bakery items without compromising on quality. From flaky croissants to artisanal bread, your baked goods will delight customers for longer periods, reducing waste and increasing your bottom line.

Foodtech Packtech 2023 is a golden opportunity to witness firsthand the future of food technology. Our team of experts will be on-site to guide you through our solution. Get ready to explore how JBT is paving the way for a more efficient, sustainable, and flavorful food industry.

Join Us at Booth 3131 – Let’s Shape the Future Together!