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If you are a small or mid-sized company involved in sausage production and meat processing, what are the biggest challenges to keeping your business going? It’s probably a fair guess that keeping overheads down – especially labor and utilities – figure high among them.

In such an environment, energy-efficient, automated solutions can offer a real answer, and this is where JBT TIPPER TIE – the global supplier of processing and clip packaging machines – comes in.

TIPPER TIE, which will be exhibiting alongside the rest of JBT at the American Convention Of Meat Processors & Suppliers’ Exhibition from August 1-3, 2024, will be highlighting a range of automated solutions that are already making a difference for salami and sausage companies.

These solutions include the all new TTstick, an automatic hanging line which is a show stopper when it comes to automation solutions for midsized processors. 

Representing the continued evolution of TIPPER TIE’s ground breaking automatic hanging line technology, the TTstick allows processors hanging smoked or dried sausages and salami to both make savings and increase productivity.

In addition TIPPER TIE will be highlighting the TTVac clipper vac line, a versatile solution for vacuumizing and clipping a variety of products, which is ideal for small and midsized processors and commissaries.

Balancing automation with simplicity

According to TIPPER TIE’s Director of Product Management, Conrad Faust, what makes the machine beneficial is not only its ability to help make “significant labor savings,” but also the fact it enables more product to be placed on a smoke stick more consistently, thanks to the precision of the system. And this equates to greater productivity.

“Our machines can use the existing smoke sticks currently in a facility and this greatly reduces the investment in making the transition from manually placing loops to an automatic system that presents the full smoke stick to the operator (or another handling system in more automated plants),” he explains.

“Obviously everyone is struggling with labor and turnover and the costs of keeping good employees and training new ones. This is why intelligent automation, automation of labor intensive tasks that are tedious but also difficult to do well is where companies can really see outsized benefits.”

What sets TIPPER TIE solutions apart, Faust says, is the fact that they offer an increase in automation, without creating unnecessarily complex machines.

“We try to always balance automation with simplicity. We want to create a robust and long lasting solution that will be easy to adjust and care for year after year,” he continues. “It does a customer no good to install a completely automatic solution only to be chasing electrical problems and failed sensors or adjustment motors because their solution was too complicated. 

“TIPPER TIE has really found a good balance with the reliable and robust TT1815 and 1512 line of clippers and the latest evolution of our automatic hanging systems the TTStick.”

JBT TIPPER TIE will be exhibiting at the American Convention Of Meat Processors & Suppliers’ Exhibition from August 1-3, 2024.