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Looking for a quick, easy option to fill and package meats, poultry, seafood or even fruits, vegetables and nuts? The JBT C.A.T. Form Filler allows you to precisely fill products into pouches, pockets or other forms of sealed packaging, which are finding increasing favor in grocery departments across North America.

The Form Filler is just one of the solutions that will be highlighted by JBT C.A.T at the American Association Of Meat Processors Convention from August 1-3, 2024 in Omaha, NE, and combines perfectly with the JBT Proseal GT1e tray sealer.

According to JBT C.A.T. Sales Engineer Landell Aday, the combination of the C.A.T. Form Filler with the Proseal tray sealer – both of which will be on display at the exhibition – is ideally positioned to meet retail demand for packaged cooked and raw meats.

“A lot of retailers are putting cooked ham, beef or turkey into a pouch which they have to seal: that’s what this solution is designed to do,” he says. “The Form Filler allows you to fill pouches at a constant rate and size, and the Proseal tray sealer then puts a seal over it.”

High-hygiene product transfers

However, the Form Filler isn’t the only C.A.T. innovation that will be on show at the AAMP exhibition. The C.A.T. Transfer Pump (pictured above) takes semi-solid and liquid and moves them from one location to another without the need to use a conveyor belt.

Using a vacuum system, the Transfer Pump is highly-effective in moving a wide range of products – from gizzards and livers to filets, pie fillings and more – within a sealed environment that exceeds industry hygiene standards. 

By eliminating the use of conveyors, the solution also eliminates the danger of product loss at transfer points, or through evaporation in the case of liquids, maximizing yield in the process. With only two moving parts, the risk of bacterial contamination is reduced, while the simple design means it is easy to clean and parts rarely – if ever – needs replacement.

Both systems, and much more, will be available for viewing at the JBT booth at the American Association Of Meat Processors Convention from August 1-3, 2024 in Omaha, NE.

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