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Are you searching for the ideal high-capacity oven and cooking technology that perfectly fits your product and company needs? Whether you are seeking a linear oven for high velocity impingement style cooking or forced air convection spiral ovens, JBT has the solutions available to meet your production requirements. 

We understand that every product, process and customer is unique, and that’s why we offer a wide range of oven solutions and cooking methods.

Here, JBT Regional Solutions Manager, Marcelo Scharlack, guides us through JBT’s current range of high-capacity solutions, all designed with your production requirements in mind. 

When it comes to cooking methods and oven solutions, no other food equipment manufacturer can match the flexibility and range that JBT offers. We are very good at moving air and that reflects on our equipment.

Our expertise lies in optimizing airflow within our equipment, resulting in consistently high yields, impeccable product appeal, and outstanding return on investment. Rest assured that every technological solution we provide is thoughtfully designed to ensure optimal air circulation within the oven, delivering exceptional results.

We make good use of the physics inside the equipment. Our latest development is the TwinDrum PRoYIELD (pictured above). This innovation revolutionizes our spiral oven by incorporating dual airflow from both the left and right-hand sides of the stack. By diverting the air in this way, we create a more even heat distribution, resulting in reduced internal temperature differences and improved product quality. 

With the TwinDrum PRoYIELD, customers can expect significant benefits. Overcooking is minimized, ensuring that products are cooked to perfection. The yield is increased, maximizing the output and profitability of your operations. Additionally, color differences in finished products are kept to a minimum, enhancing greater visual appeal and marketability. 

This game-changing technology takes our already exceptional solution to new heights, meeting the demands of customers who are constantly seeking improvements in their products.

Winning combinations

Combining solutions is another area where JBT excels. We understand that combining different solutions can lead to even greater benefits for our customers. One good example is the Contact Cooker combined with the Linear Impingement Oven Double D Revoband. Combing these solutions as a single stack cooking solution results in yield gains of up to 5%, and capacity gains of 10% or more. 

The Formcook Contact Cooker makes use of a Teflon belt to sear the surface of protein products such as chicken fillets to prevent moisture or yield loss before they move on to a main oven. This approach not only delivers a juicier product, but also a higher yield.

An ideal complement is the Double D Revoband Continuous Protein oven, the industry’s most successful high velocity, vertical airflow, linear impingement style convection oven. The Revoband makes use of high velocity air to ensure consistent color development and uniform cooking results. 

The Revoband oven features precisely controlled vertical hot air directed at the product from above and below the belt, with its high temperature abilities, up to 280 degrees, it has excellent abilities to generate high colour development.

Innovative designs

The Double D Chargrill and Bar Marker is another recent technological advancement introduced by JBT that distinguishes itself through its originality and innovative design. 

Developed to enhance the taste and appearance of a wide range of fully-cooked poultry, meat and fish, the system’s grill-marking function produces simulated single-side grill marks to enhance the appearance and taste of fully-cooked items.

Meanwhile, the searing function utilizes a controlled flame to impinge and sear the surface of a variety of products including but not limited to fully-cooked protein items as well as vegetables.

By continuously pushing the boundaries of oven technology and design, JBT remains at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the food industry. Discover the perfect oven solution for your company with JBT, your trusted partner in the food industry.

In Part Two of this series, we will take a look at smaller-capacity solutions.

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