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A design conceived in Europe and finalized in the US that combines the best elements of JBT’s existing oven range with advances in capacity and efficiency will be launched in the North American market later this year, following a successful roll-out in Europe and Asia. JBT’s Stein TwinDrum Spiral Oven builds on the successes of the established GYRoCOMPACT oven, but adds efficient two-zone spiral cooking for high capacity applications providing uniform temperature and excellent roasting capabilities.

Consistent performance and maximum throughput have long been the watchwords of JBT’s cooking range, according to JBT’s Division Product Manager for Cooking, David Harrison, who explains that the TwinDrum will complement existing products and systems. 

JBT Stein TwinDrum Oven

JBT’s cooking portfolio can be split into two categories – linear ovens for high velocity impingement style cooking; and high capacity, forced air convection spiral ovens. 

Primarily sold in North America, the Stein JSO-C and JSO-III/IV Jet Stream Ovens use thermal fluid, indirect gas, and open flame heating with precise humidity control for both coated and roasted products.

TwinDrum launch
The newest addition to the cooking range is the Stein TwinDrum Spiral Oven; a system that is set to build on the achievements of the Stein GCO II GYRoCOMPACT, the highest volume spiral oven in the market. The GCO-II uses the innovative self-stacking FRIGoBELT conveyor system and can be used for products including poultry (wings, breast, breaded, pan-fried, nuggets, patties); and pork and beef (patties and links).


The Stein TwinDrum Spiral Oven adds to the innovations of the GYRoCOMPACT by incorporating two-zone spiral cooking with an architecture that uniquely distributes the air flow to the food items on the belt for providing uniform and consistent treatment  with respect to airspeeds, temperatures and humidity across all tiers. The specific operating parameters can be independently controlled for each zone to suit a desired application. 

Incorporating experience from Stein, Double D, and Frigoscandia, the design was developed in Sweden and completed in the US. The TwinDrum will move from a 600mm capacity for its initial launch in Europe and Asia to 1000mm for primarily North America to enable handling of greater product volumes.

“The TwinDrum was launched from Sweden and has hit the ground running,” adds Harrison. “25 units have already been sold in Asia and Europe, and following that success we are rolling it out in the North American market with much larger capacity demands”

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