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Demand for fish and seafood is immense and growing, but at the same time fish stocks are under pressure worldwide. In such an environment, there is a pressing need to get the most yield out of your volumes, minimize wastage and deliver the highest quality to ensure return sales. 

JBT is at the forefront of fish and seafood processing technology, offering solutions that maximize yield, uptime and quality, alongside a strong Return on Investment.

JBT will be showcasing cutting-edge technologies that offer the highest-rate of bone detection and high-accuracy injection at Seafood Processing Global 2024, the largest and most diverse seafood trade event in the world, which takes place in Barcelona, Spain from April 23-25, 2024.

The key to boosting yield and minimizing waste

Maximizing yield and reducing labor costs are two goals that are at the forefront of considerations for many processors, and JBT Innospexion is a system ideally placed to help achieve both objectives. 

Innospexion’s revolutionary bone-detection technology allows accurate identification of even the smallest bones, enabling customers to improve yield and quality across a production line. 

The system is able to detect small, thin fish bones down to 0.35 mm x 10 mm in white fish and salmon compared to 0.7 mm × 10 mm in standard X-ray systems. As a result, Innospexion has proven to significantly reduce false detection rates, ensuring yield is improved and rework resources properly employed.

“It has been possible to detect bones down to some level before, but the products were not really bone-free,” explains Innospexion’s Lars Dalsgaard. “With Innospexion, we can see bones that no-one else sees.”

The system has already been successfully tested for white fish, such as hake and cod, applications, and more recently in one of most challenging products for bone detection – salmon. 

“Salmon is quite challenging for a number of reasons,” says Dalsgaard. “The muscular structure in salmon can play tricks on a detector, but we have a sophisticated analysis system where we can easily and reliably identify the bones down to 0.35mm in diameter and 10mm in length. This is our promise to the customer.”

However, more than simply being an accurate bone-detection system that processors can rely on, Innospexion also allows companies to reduce the amount of manual handling. 

“If you look at high-quality salmon processors, they try everything they can to remove the bones and that means they have several manual checks along the way,” says Dalsgaard. “We can help companies reduce the amount of checks, reducing manual handling in the process.”

The industry standard in fish injection

Renowned for precision and reliability, JBT Schröder, a leader in injector and brine preparation systems, will be demonstrating its latest IMAX Injectors at Seafood Processing Global, providing attendees with firsthand experience of its unparalleled quality.

With a legacy of expertise in fish injection, Schröder systems precisely inject brine into fish, whether they be whole fish or fillets. Well-known for their versatility and high-accuracy injection rates, the injectors cater to the needs of processors of all sizes, from the entry-level IMAX 350C to the high-performance IMAX 600/900P series.

Easily adaptable to diverse production lines requirements, Schröder injectors – combined with BRIMAX brine preparation systems – ensure superior brine distribution, consistent quality, and enhanced output, giving businesses a competitive edge in the market. By investing in JBT’s injectors, companies not only improve their bottom line but also foster trust and satisfaction among customers.

In terms of quality, the advantages of fish injection are multifaceted. 

From enhancing cooking and frying properties to ensuring even salt distribution, the benefits are undeniable. Shorter processing times, better water retention, and a longer shelf life are just a few more reasons why fish injection is favored in the industry. Moreover, the process results in a tender consistency, enriches valuable ingredients, and enhances flavor.

With JBT Schröder’s IMAX Injectors, seafood processors can elevate products to new heights, meeting consumer demand for quality, taste, and consistency.

JBT will be exhibiting at Seafood Processing Global Processing at Booth 3NN401 in the Fira Barcelona Gran Via Venue in Barcelona, Spain from April 23-25, 2024.

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