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Many meat, fish and meat substitute products are coated in one way or another during industrial food processing, but the presence of difficult-to-clean “dark zones” can make it tough to comply with international food hygiene standards. A solution comes in the form of JBT alco’s Pro Coating Line, a system featuring large, smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces.

As an important part of the alco product portfolio, the coating line is used in the area of food coating and consists of a Preduster, a Battering machine, a Breading machine and a Drum Breader, as well as a Dipper. 

The broad spectrum of the coating line covers all product categories, from uniformly breaded cutlets, fully coated mozzarella sticks, chicken nuggets, vegan fish sticks, vegetables and even confectionery and baked goods. 

Diverse output
Similar diversity is found in the range of production output. Smaller companies as well as larger industrial corporations can choose between 250, 400, 600, 700 and 1,000 mm production widths, providing maximum control over line integration and production output.

The coating line Pro Series is factory-equipped with high-quality stainless steel motors, delivering high durability and reliability. At the same time, each line is supplied with a Siemens 7″ PLC touch panel in order to freely control individual parameters as well as to manage recipes and evaluate statistics. Among other things, the PLC touch panel can be used to individually control the belt speeds from 2 – 21 m/min up to 29 m/min. 

Crucially, the optimized hygienic design of the Pro Series offers large, smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces without “dark zones” and thus meets international hygiene standards in the food industry. 

Cost saving options
Apart from these hard facts, the design of alco’s coating machines allows standard spare parts such as sensors, hoses, etc. to be used universally for all alco Pro Series coating machines, which can be a decisive advantage in times of interrupted supply chains and increased delivery times.

The alco Eco coating line offers a space and cost saving alternative to the Pro version. With a compact and solid design, it fits into smaller facilities and comes with a variety of equipment options. 

In addition, both versions of the coating line are available with supplementary accessories that facilitate daily processing and provide further functions. The range includes various batter mixers, breading and flour feeders, efficient batter filters, product loading tables for ergonomic and safe feeding of products to immediately downstream machines, and conveyor technology that can be individually adapted to each production facility.

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