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Finding and removing small bones from poultry and fish during processing has long been a challenge, even when checks are carried out by x-ray, due to their largely undetectable nature. However, JBT, in collaboration with Danish food safety specialist Innospexion, is now set to debut a solution capable of finding the smallest bones.

Following the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with Innospexion, JBT will be bringing the company’s unique x-ray detection systems to customers in North America in single, dual and wide-lane versions.

Making use of Long Wave X-ray (LWX) technology, Innospexion detector systems are able to detect even small differences in thickness and density within fish and poultry that are not possible to identify using ordinary X-ray technology.

“Poultry and fish bones are lightly calcified, as a result they do not present easily in meat when x-rayed,” explains Dino Carbone, Global Product Manager for JBT XVision. This coupled with standard variations within the meat and general processing creates a difficult detection challenge.

“Through Innospexion’s advanced source and detection technology coupled with decades of experience we can generate a very high-quality image and then accurately interpret that image to see these fine bones in contrast to the meat very well. This improves detection rates and false rejection thus reducing waste and improving sustainability.”

Years of experience
This level of performance would not be possible without the over 20 years of x-ray and algorithm experience of the Innospexion team, continues Carbone. “This level of x-ray knowledge and performance has been built over time through science coupled with trial and error,” he says.  “There is no way to quickly replicate experience!”

Carbone adds: “The benefits of this experience for JBT customers is a well-built and simple machine that detects small lightly calcified bones in poultry and fish better than any machine in North American plants today. 

“JBT is eager to bring this solution to the North America for the benefit of our customers and the end consumer!”

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JBT will be highlighting Innospexion technologies at IPPE 2023, which takes place at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA from January 24-26, 2023.