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Based in Europe and looking to streamline your portioning operations and achieve every cut imaginable, in one go?

JBT will introduce and run demonstrations on the new DSI™ 812 Compact Waterjet Portioner at a special in-person event at our Food Technology Center in Bad Iburg, Germany from March 21-23, 2023. Visitors get hands-on cutting demonstrations with food processing experts and learn how JBT can improve your day-to-day operations.

Visitors attending the event can benefit from customized cutting demonstrations tailored to your needs, as well as an individually customized consultation with JBT food experts.

Compact and effective

The event will showcase the high productivity and flexibility of the DSI 812, the next step in innovative waterjet cutting technology, which is now being introduced across Europe. The DSI 812 with a footprint comparable to blade portioning systems, enables processors to take the next step in perfecting their product yield and boost their profits.  

The DSI 812 Compact Portioning System is the perfect solution for production lines who need higher accuracy, more cutting flexibility, efficiency and reliable throughput. Using filtered, high pressure (up to 4100 bar or 60,000 PSI) water to divide raw protein products into smaller portions like cubes, strips and fillets for retail or QSR sales, the DSI 812 enables processors to increase product yield, save time and labor while focusing on producing premium products.

SMART cutting strategies

The intelligent DSI Q-LINK™ Portioning Software creates unique and complex cutting strategies for each piece of product to maximize yield and profits while hitting weight and dimension targets. Switching from blade or hand cutting to smart waterjet portioning will create higher yield and efficiency. 

What to expect?

So what can customers expect from this event? Niels Buengeler, JBT area sales manager for DSI, explains: “Say you are a producer who is looking for portioning solutions and you want to upgrade your existing lines – you are looking for example for more flexibility, better results from raw material and more efficiencies, at this event you will have the chance to see the compact waterjet portioning system in operation and what cutting strategies and yield benefits it can provide your operations.” 

“You will be able to see how it cuts, what it cuts and the possibilities it offers, as well as being able to directly measure the results on the product you are looking to cut.” “This is a unique opportunity to see the new DSI 812 for the first time in a production environment and with food technology experts there to ask questions and deliver insights. This is not something you want to miss”. 

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