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Seeking to improve protein processing efficiency and productivity? One of the newest additions to the JBT family, alco, could well have the solutions your company needs in the form of the alco Flattening Machine ASP and the alco Tenderizer ASC.

Aimed at improving the process step of “flattening” products to achieve a higher added value, the alco Flattening Machine ASP offers a significant simplification of further processing steps in convenience food production.

Used for achieving a standardized homogeneous product thickness and enlarging the surface area, the ASP Flattening Machine helps deliver reduced cooking times, lower cooking losses and less food waste, improving sustainability in the process.

Perfect for everything from roulades to kebab and gyros, the ASP is also useful for products, such as escalopes or steaks, which go through subsequent breading or marination by helping achieve higher coating pick-up. The system also delivers taste benefits by improving the tenderness of the product.
Hygiene is another key consideration.

Thanks to the ASP’s easy-to-operate, accessible design, the machine is simple to clean and maintain in optimum conditions, while it can also be adapted to individual customer requirements.

How it works
The Flattening Machine uses three pairs of rollers which alternately press and release all types of products to a uniform product thickness on an industrial scale over and over again. This proven technique is popular for preventing the memory effect and keeping the product in the desired, flattened form.

As an operator, you have full control over the product thickness, which can be chosen from 4 mm up to 45 mm. More than 20 years of continuous development through alco’s expert knowledge but also through close cooperation with our customers have helped iron out teething troubles and small details, such as rubberized drive rollers to prevent belt slipping, water spray bars to prevent protein build up on the belt or even a belt tensioning unit with quick tensioning system for easier cleaning.

The alco Flattening Machine ASP is built to do what the name says: flatten your product exactly as you need it – with minimum set-up times, maintenance, or downtimes.

The alco Tenderizer ASP
Equally useful is the alco Tenderizer ASC, a system which is perfect for making surface incisions in everything from steaks and hamburger patties to minced meat products and cutlets; a process which significantly increases product tenderness and shape stability after cooking processes.

Numerous smaller incisions cut through tendons and muscle fibers, preventing the muscle fiber from contracting, making it much easier to achieve the desired final product.

Boasting high productivity with a short payback period and high operational reliability, the ASC features a continuously adjustable belt speed, as well as height-adjustable knife rollers. The robust construction of the ASC comprises stainless steel and other materials approved for use in the food industry.

Designed according to the latest hygiene and safety standards, the system also includes a collecting trough for product residues under the tenderizing area for a clean floor.

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