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Are European consumers swapping traditional breadcrumb coatings for flour coatings? According to recent research, flour-coated foods, a traditionally popular product in US, are increasingly in demand across Europe due to their versatility in carrying flavors, surface effects and texture. 

When applied to products, such as poultry, fish, plant based protein or vegetables, flour coatings offer a delicious taste and a unique crispy texture. Additionally, the availability of different flour options, such as gluten-free or whole wheat, addresses the growing demand for healthier alternatives.

Recent analysis from GII Global Information found that, taking inspiration from US-style quick service restaurants, consumers across Europe were increasingly using white corn flour to obtain a handmade taste, not just for chicken, but also increasingly for plant-based foods.

“Everybody is talking about these kinds of products across Europe,” says Marcelo Scharlack, JBT’s Regional Solutions Manager for Southern Europe, Middle East and South Africa. “We are seeing that traditional coating products are losing shelf-space to products with a handmade, crispy, flour-coated feel.”

To cater for this change in preferences, JBT has developed equipment that can deliver a “home-cooked” style using flour-based products.

Food Coating Technologies: A Synergy of Innovation

Notoriously-difficult to handle in a machine application, flour coatings do not flow freely and tend to pack if not moved mechanically, requiring a specially designed applicator to ensure proper recirculation and application that will replicate what is done by hand at home.

JBT has years of experience in the creation of coated food and has developed solutions to effectively solve these kind of challenges. JBT solutions spans across the entire spectrum of coatings, including applicators for: Flour-coating, Conventional Battering, Tempura Battering, Free-Flowing Breading and Japanese-style Breading.

The addition of alco’s wide range of coating equipment has complemented and extended JBT’s coating solutions exceptionally well. A great example of this fusion is the addition of the alco Home Style Drum Breader, where JBT has enhanced its capabilities, enabling it to efficiently handle high-capacity production of home-cooked style products.

“We recognized the potential for making the alco Drum Breader even better and have, through minor engineering adjustments, transformed it into a more capable system of accommodating higher capacities,” explains Scharlack.

Combining expertise

Another testament to the positive effects achieved by integrating technologies is the combination of the alco Drum Breader and Vibrating Conveying System from Urtasun, another recent addition to the JBT family. The combined technologies significantly improves the ease with which products can be handled as they moves down the production line for the next stage of processing.

“By aligning the Urtasun Vibrating system with the alco Drum Breader, we deliver a solution that’s capable of handling a range of different flour-based coatings that delivers efficient results at a competitive price,” continues Scharlack. 

Tailored solutions for every application

More than this, JBT’s process experts, techniques and technologies are on hand to help you get the flour-coated results you are aiming for. With the world’s largest database with application tests and more than 60 years of experience in processing food, we know how to make the most out of your product in terms of taste, yield and consistency. 

The food experts at JBT’s Food Technology Centers help you develop your ideas or enhance existing ones. The tests can be conducted on our testing site in person or via live video link or as on-site demonstrations with our mobile lab equipment in your facility. 

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