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Innovative protein processing systems from JBT alco are helping customers worldwide, and this is equally the case in some of the globe’s most interesting emerging markets. IL-TOV is a leading processor of chicken, beef and fish products based in Kazakhstan, which has benefited from the installation of state-of-the-art alco machines on its production line.

Based in Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana, IL-TOV’s product range includes everything from nuggets and schnitzels through to chicken wings, vegetarian falafels, and fish and chicken fingers. According to a spokesperson for IL-TOV, the idea of the company was born after visiting several factories in Europe and Israel that produce food products for the mass market and schools, as well as for export to the US and Germany.

“Having tasted similar products of local and imported production, presented in retail and HoReCa chains in major cities of Kazakhstan, we decided to combine original Israeli recipes, modern German technologies and selected Kazakhstani raw materials to offer the market the best products in terms of quality and flavor,” the spokesperson said.

Meeting the challenge

The largest company in terms of processing capability and capacity in Kazakhstan, IL-TOV only started production in 2023, but is already marketing a wide range of products, including chicken nuggets, coated chicken drums and wings, beef patties and meat balls, schnitzels, meat-sticks and plant-based falafels.

To best achieve optimum results across its product range, IL-TOV looked to JBT alco for assistance in putting together a 400mm production line, which comprises: an alco Grinder AMG; an alco Mixer AMP; a Tenderizer ASC; a Flattening machine ASP; a Forming machine AFM; a Preduster ABM PRO; a Battering machine APN PRO; a Breading machine APT PRO; a Fryer AGF PRO; an Oil tank AOT; a Spiral oven ASH PRO; and a Spiral freezer ASK PRO.

All products are fully cooked and frozen by the alco convenience line and thus ready to eat for the end consumer.

Developing a solution

Eugen Rott, the alco sales manager who has overseen the project in conjunction with IL-TOV since its inception, explains how it came into being: “IL-TOV is a company that was looking to produce up to 700 kg per hour and 3,300 tonnes of products a year. Before purchasing the production line, the customer visited the Food Technology Center in Bad Iburg, Germany and were able to see the equipment with their own eyes.”

“They tested all of the equipment quite intensively. We produced Schnitzels with the whole line, starting from preparation, before moving on to forming, coating, frying, cooking and then also freezing.”

In particular, Rott says the customer was able to benefit from state-of-the-art machines which come equipped with PLC control systems, touch panels and recipe management systems. They can also deliver a flexible output, from low volumes through to relatively high production. 

“The line is designed to produce standardized product sizes and also at the same time standardized taste, as well as quality,” Rott continues. “The meat, poultry or fish mass is prepared and then processed individually. For this purpose, a recipe is prepared individually for each product and entered into each machine, thanks to the PLC control and recipe management system. The goal is to achieve the same, high quality through standardization and throughout the whole production.”

According to Rott, the project only took shape thanks to the close working relationship that JBT alco has maintained with IL-TOV over the past two years. The relationship was further strengthened thanks to JBT alco’s proximity to the customer and its very good technical understanding of the processes required.

“Due to the fact that we have installed countless lines over several decades, we not only have the technical knowledge but also the experience of which machine has to be adjusted for which product and how,” Rott adds. “All this knowledge also came together at our customer IL-TOV.”