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The newest member of JBT’s freezer range, the Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® 70 Spiral Freezer (GC70), is now available with Sequential Defrost; an addition which means customers can benefit from the GC70’s capacity increase for up to two weeks of continuous running.

By incorporating this option into the GC70, customers can enjoy not only prolonged running time but also a 20% capacity upgrade without compromising footprint when compared to its predecessor. The new function means the GC70 can run longer continuous times without stopping and without any need to halt production for defrosting at regular intervals. 

Continuous Production with Sequential Defrost

A new iteration of the JBT Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT range of spiral freezers – the industry standard for spiral freezer technology across the globe – the GC70 not only includes a 700mm wide belt, but also a range of key features which have been optimized to work better, smarter and more powerfully than ever before.

The addition of the Sequential Defrost option enables the GC70 to operate continuously for up to two weeks without the need for frequent defrosting, ensuring uninterrupted production. “This is a specially tailored option designed to meet the running requirements of the GC70,” says Torbjörn Persson, JBT’s Director of Global Sales Support & Product Line Management for Frigoscandia Freezers.

With the innovative Sequential Defrost feature, the evaporators inside the machine runs a defrosting process in sequence while machine is in production, resulting in fewer stops for defrost and cleaning.

Boosting capacity & turnaround time

Capacity is another key feature of the GC70. To overcome space restrictions in many facilities, JBT has increased the overall capacity of the GC70 by building up, maximizing the amount of freezer that can cover the same area of floorspace. The overall achievement is a capacity increase of up to 20%. “The capacity is the big advantage of the GC70: in a relatively small space, we have managed to squeeze more capacity out of the freezer by increasing the headroom, which is of considerable benefit to customers,” says Persson.

Improved drying functions also play a key role in the updated GC70. The improvements, which are focused on quicker and more efficient drying of the belt, save an up to an hour compared with previous functions. This, says Persson, translates to a big saving on customers’ turnaround times. “In older models, you had to dry for a longer period: this new version is a lot quicker, which means you cut delays in restarting production,” he explains.

More than this, JBT technicians also took a deep dive into all the food safety and hygienic aspects of the freezer design. The result has been an opening of all the profiles on the machine to make it simpler and more straightforward to clean.

A final detail is the addition of JBT’s OmniBlu platform. A performance optimization system, which gathers and analyses data, insights and airflow control provided by OmniBlu enhance freezer performance and efficiency.

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