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JBT is set to present a complete line of pioneering solutions for protein processors, including the introduction of new portioning, bone detecting, and all-in-one cooking technologies, at Anuga FoodTec 2024, the international supplier fair covering the entire spectrum of food production.

From injection & marination and portioning, through coating and cooking, to freezing and packaging, JBT will demonstrate its ability to cater for an entire production line; a line packed with innovative systems from JBT, plus complementary solutions from one of the newest additions to the JBT family, alco. 

Anuga FoodTec 2024, which will run from March 19-22, will also serve as the stage for the introductions of two innovative new JBT solutions: the DSI 812 Compact Waterjet Portioning system and the Innospexion Bone Detection X-ray system. As JBT continues to innovate and shape the future of the global food and beverage industry, Anuga FoodTec attendees will have the opportunity to witness first-hand the transformative impact of these advances.

Explore the complete processing spectrum

Sergio Rabadan, JBT’s Director of Sales for the EMEA region, expressed excitement over JBT’s comprehensive lineup of processing solutions: “We will present a complete line, starting with the newest JBT member – the X-ray bone detecting system from JBT Innospexion combined with tenderizing & flattening solutions from JBT alco.

“This will be followed by the new compact JBT DSI812 portioner and injection & marination systems from JBT Schröder. The line continues with a range of pre- and fully cook solutions from alco, including forming, coating and cooking, and finally a Frigoscandia freezer designed to meet any output, budget or space requirement.

“Anuga FoodTec gives us the opportunity to meet with customers from across the protein processing spectrum, from poultry, meat and fish through to plant-based, alternative proteins. Customers will be able to view in person how a complete processing line is designed, installed and built.”

Rabadan said the addition of alco in particular had enabled JBT to expand an already extensive range of solutions. He added: “The arrival of alco has been vital for JBT in the sense of having new solutions and technologies, such as the HotCook, an automated, industrial kitchen which provides a unique solution – there’s nothing close to this on the market. 

“alco’s precooking systems are also hugely complementary to what was previously available from JBT, and effectively mean that we now have solutions available for processors with low, medium and very high volumes. The mix of precooking technology that JBT already has for chicken, fish and meat applications together with the systems that alco brings allow us to have an unbeatable solution.”

Introducing compact portioning and bone detection

JBT is thrilled to introduce​ JBT Innospexion and its groundbreaking X-ray bone detection technology at Anuga FoodTec 2024. Innospexion’s unique technology allows processors to detect poultry bones down to 2 x 2mm while reducing false positive reject rates to levels substantially lower than current industry standards, driving labor reduction and higher yields.

The JBT stand will also be highlighting the new compact and intelligent JBT DSI™ 812 Waterjet portioner, which allows customers to get up to 25% more yield and maximize utilization, throughput and flexibility. With its compact design, the 812 fits right into a production line.

An ideal solution for small-medium sized processors – an all-in-one waterjet portioning system with an integrated water pump – the 812 delivers all of the benefits of DSI waterjet portioners at an accessible price and footprint. The proven waterjet
technology already gives a competitive edge to numerous poultry producers worldwide. 

alco builds on HotCook success

Anuga FoodTec 2024 will also provide the venue for the debut of the latest version of JBT alco’s HotCook AHC, a multifunctional system for searing, simmering and cooking, which combines several production steps in a single machine. 

JBT alco Sales Director, Volker Paland, said: “The HotCook is highly-recommended, reliable machine, which is widely used for sauce production in Southern Europe, but we see huge potential for rolling it out globally. You can mix, cook, sear and chill in one machine. 

“It can be applied consistently to a huge number of products. From ready meals and stews to sauces and soups, the same machine can be used for an extensive range of

Tipper Tie to showcase innovations

JBT Tipper Tie, the worldwide system supplier of processing and clipping machines for the protein industry, will also form part of the JBT presence at Anuga FoodTec 2024, with the company ready to showcase the TT Stick (pictured above), the latest in its successful line of Automated Hanging Systems for portions or strings of sausages.

Combining state-of-the-art automated suspension technology with highly-intuitive, user-friendly controls, the TTStick delivers the most advanced automated suspension technology on the market.

JBT Tipper Tie’s Director of Product Management, Conrad Faust, said: “The key benefits of the TTStick are automation and labor savings. The technology enables you to put a lot more sausages on a stick which means you can get more product into drying rooms and smoke houses. This is hugely important for producing products such as salamis and pepperonis.”

In addition to the TTStick, Tipper Tie will showcase a TT1512 Automatic Double Clipper and a meat sausage casing stuffer. Customers will also be able to watch a SVU6800, Tipper Tie’s Automatic Double Clipper for whole muscle or large products, including those using difficult-to-run spice casings.

Download our Anuga FoodTec floorplan for more details here.  

JBT will be exhibiting at Anuga FoodTec 2024 in Hall 6.1, Stand D090-F119 from March 19-22, 2024 in Cologne, Germany.